URLy Sylke Producer Bruce Campbell died suddenly of a brain hemmorage in the fall of 1996. We at URLy Sylke have archived his site and continue its presence on the Web in loving tribute to an extrodinary man who's creativity contributed extrodinary gifts to the artistic wealth of the United States.

(Hustler- The Bruce Campbell Development Company, Incorporated, from corporate Headquarters in Hustler, Wisconson, presents:
A new company that dreams of the day it will go out of business!

Hollywood Producer Bruce Campbell exploits modern telecommunications, leaving the big city for the all the good things in small-town USA!

Bruce continues his career of inspired creativity by working to develop his many projects in addition to discovering new ones inspired by the resources at hand.

The Bruce Campbell Development Company, Incorporated
Corporate Headquarters
Box 157, Hustler, Wisconson 54637
(608) 462-5408
300 Merrill Drive, Elroy, Wisconson 53929
(608) 462-5408


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