Electro-Magnetic Anomaly Research Station 14

Our only exo-research station, Electro-Magnetic Anomaly Research Station 14 orbits a small K5 star close to T'um. This system will not be affected by the detonation of our home star. We stop by here to randomize genetic code. EMAR station has changed affiliation to resource with our highest educational institutions, so its citizenry will remain behind after we leave. We will not see our cousins for a very long time.

Electro-Magnetic Anomaly Research Station 14 was set up by our World Academy of Science to study a spatial anomaly in a nearby star system. It was established to observe and measure what appears to be a white-hole. A singularity that lacks the mass to hold onto its material, and is evaporating in the electro-magnetic spectrum. Magnetic fluctuations are billions of times stronger than the star of this system, and would be instantly fatal were we not shielded by our Arcos. Ultimately the Anomaly will explode with the force of a nova, and being only 1 1/2 parsecs away, this system will be dramatically affected. EMAR Station will be our first research facility to witness a white-hole die.

Finally we bid farewell to our cousins at Electro-Magnetic Anomaly Research Station #14. The colony's long term plans include a 700 year project to engineer the planet's system to create a habitable bio-sphere. Perhaps, after we have had a chance to establish our new home, our children (and maybe even some of us) will return to lush gardens and beautiful seas at EMARS #14.

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