Our Nearest Neighbor

Our nearest neighbors; a race of quasi-amphibious bipeds. They have been breeding on the land for the last 2200+ generations, and have separated from their more aquatic cousins. Their intelligence is remarkable, and we estimate that they will have interplanetary travel in only 500 generations, and maybe even achieve cognitive unity, although no amphibious race has ever joined the Sentiation.

We have learned that all races evolve with a predominant Up-Force. "Grow up", "Evolve UP the evolutionary ladder", etc. We must never lose sight of the fact that the oceans are the birth place of life, and even our beginnings can be traced directly back to our oceans. In our wandering, we have never found "life" in deep space (but we HAVE found some VERY interesting processes that LOOK like life)

Tragically, we have calculated that their satellite will be torn from its orbit by a passing rogue planetoid, and ultimately, in approximately 102,000 years, it will spiral down into final impact with the main planet. We feel it unlikely the biosphere of the planet will survive such an injury. While we can't save the people, we can save the race. We have removed enough of their genetic material to reproduce the race on a new, virgin world. They will be a race without a culture, but our engineers tell us we can provide some short-term, degradable aids that will provide seeds for rapid aculteration.

We have visited these people and in their language the planet's name is "Peace" or "Peaceful", and the satellite is "Island of the Dead". We don't anticipate this race gaining mastery of radio or space travel for sometime, never the less we have put a Monitor on their satellite. Their culture seems to be isotropic, so there is little room for differentiation or sub-racial group identification.

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