Candidate for the 2nd Galactic Sentiation

Ter' juni and Humonah

The Ter'u, are a race who evolved on the of the inner planets of this neighboring F5 star system. One of the satellites of a gas giant was large enough to develop into a hospitable planet where simple life has evolved. It was settled by the Ter'u over 5 thousand years ago, and they now live in giant Arcos similar to our own.

They have done little to explore beyond the far limits of their own star system, and the parent race was decimated in a international germ war several thousand years ago. They now send a probe to the home-world once every hundred years to update information, but they have neither the interest nor the resources to mount a rescue and re-vivification mission.

Recently they reached a deep-space listening station on a quantum band, and announced their presence. A response was sent back and received a short period later, and an emissary was sent to initiate relations, and to provide information about the Second Galactic Sentiation.

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