The Stone Grinder's Storm

As we move on in our journey, we alter our course slightly to investigate what we have come to call "The Stone Grinder". The Stone Grinder is actually a binary star system with a massive white dwarf at the core, and a black hole orbiting the white dwarf within in it's coronosphere. The black hole strips off the upper gases of the white dwarf and propels them past it's own extremely small accretion disk into near space. The charge differential between the white dwarfs own gases and the ionized material the blackhole ejects creates an electrical storm almost 10,000,000 klicks in diameter. It is ... spectacular in its power.

Plasma, and tortured atoms stream from the pair's northern and southern polar regions. Even our shields would be unable to protect our Arcolates from the intense radiation of these jets should we venture through one.

The Stone Grinder was named from a myth we have long held, about a stone grinder and his son, and how he taught his son peace through the slow, meticulous application of patience and work. Eventually, the white dwarf (the son) will lose enough material to break apart under the tidal strains of the black hole (the stone grinder), and it will fly apart, exploding as a rare neutron star nova. The resulting charged gas wave from such an explosion is beautiful beyond description. Millions and millions of colors fluoresce in the expelled gases as the dense elemental content of the dwarf is converted into a rapidly expanding gas shell. Alas, The Stone Grinder will not win for another 7-8 million years.

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