Glory of the Creative/Force

As we journey on coreward, towards the galactic center, we pass close to a binary star system. At first glance it seemed quite ordinary, but one of our astronomers discovered something unique in this configuration. Both stars, the G5 main sequence, and the white dwarf companion are orbiting each other exactly on the equatorial plane of both stars. The tidal effects of such a coincidence cause an extremely thin (3000 klick), but dense accretion disk.

The system posses three planetoids that orbit the pair at an extreme distance with long-term stable orbits. Any other planets this star system might have had, have either been thrown off into interstellar space or fallen into the G5 star.

The hot accretion disk material, being ripped off the surface of the G5, is pulled into the gravitational well of the white dwarf, losing little of it's high temperature as it spirals towards the surface of the dwarf star. From a distance of 1 light-day, the system looks like a tear drop with a brilliant blue diamond at the top, set in a yellow/orange background.

We have named the system "Glory of the Creative/Force" since we have all been inspired by the variations the the Creative/Force has placed in this cosmos.

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