Holocaust, Child Of The Red Giant

As we travel through the Dragon Arm of the galaxy, we pass close to a red giant. The first planet of this star orbits well within the corona, and is little more than a large semi-molten rock, but the second planet is approximately 20 stellar diameters distance from the star, and while extremely hot, and blasted by radiation it is rich in minerals. We will replenish our resources here.

Because of the planet's environment, we have dubbed the planet, "Holocaust". It's orbit is a stable ellipse around the star, but it's axial tilt is 44 degrees which means that virtually every part of the planet's surface is exposed to the red giant's radiation at one time or another.

The surface has a thin, sulphur/chlorine atmosphere, and is pock-marked with seas of liquid iron and silicates, as well regolithic pinnacles and outcroppings stud the more solid land masses. It is these monolithic pinnacles that we will mine for our supplies.

Once in orbit, we have discovered three small artificial satellites, or probes in place around the planet. We suspect that these probes were placed here by beings from within this system. The only planet we have located, capable of supporting life is the fourth planet. We will move out to this body tomorrow, and establish contact with a new race. Our excitement is contagious.

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