Enigma Of A Lost Race

After restocking our resources, we pass from the second planet of the red giant. We move on toward the fourth planet where we encounter a mystery that will puzzle us for all time. Our fleet of Arcolates floats just beyond a small satellite which orbits a desert planet where no moisture exists. The mystery that first drew our attention to the planet is it's oxygen atmosphere where none should exist. The atmosphere is breathable, and sterile, but where did it come from? Without water, the oxygen should have bled off into space as ozone, eons ago from the process of stellar ionization, yet its balance marks this as a highly desirable world.

Finally we are close enough to detect large gas manufacturing plants buried just beneath the surface. Their spacing indicates there are approximately 144 such plants, but who built them, and where did they go? The parent star, although a red giant, has been stable for over 3.5 billion years, and will remain so for another 8-9 billion years.

Why did this race leave their planet? When did they absent themselves from it? Where are their artifacts?

Obviously, they were an advanced, spacefaring race who did not originate on this world. Tomorrow we will move out to the seventh and ninth planets to see if they have left anything behind.

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Path Of The Timeless Artifacts



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