Path Of The Timeless Artifacts

We have prepared to leave the system of the red giant, with it's enigmatic family of planets; Holocaust, the deserted home world, and others when we locate a large artifact in orbit around a gas giant almost one lightframe out from the star. This artifact appears to be an observatory that was placed here by the mysterious, missing race. Close examination of the station indicates that it has been here for almost 200,000 years. We have entered the station and taken much material for later research and documentation. One piece seems to be a large crystal made of Nioplastillium (element 131), a stable transUranic metal with a half life of 3 billion years. The upper portion of the crystal contains millions of glowing, colloidal beads which our MetaMind computer has translated. This script indicates that the missing race, who called themselves the Golu'um, had colonized much of the eastern quadrant of our galaxy during the First Galactic Sentiation, almost 5 billion years ago.

The crystal turns out to be a navigational device indicating numerous HomeWorlds that the Golu'um had settled before they disappeared. There is also a reference to noetical devices that the Golu'um had created on a world they called Disa'quay (in our FirstTongue, Core/Proximity). It has been almost a quarter of a million years since this navigational crystal was created, and although Disa'quay's proper motion was known, many events could have drastically altered it's position.

Disa'quay's current position is not directly in our flight path, but the FamilyBody has unanimously agreed that we should expend some time on the chance that Disa'quay might be found where the crystal indicates it's current position to be. The discovery of noetic devices will advance our research into psychic ontology by thousands of years.

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