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As we journey coreward, we pass a G3 yellow dwarf star with a complex planetary system that includes a world, our MetaMind computer says will be suitable for the L'ucli genetic rehabilitation, after their world was destroyed by a nearby nova. This new world has two satellites (the L'ucli's homeworld had one), but both moons are stable, and will provide for a wide variety of surface condition variation.

As we approach the planet, we will plant a monitoring station (called a Watcher) on the inner-most moon to watch the progress of the L'ucli, and notify us when they achieve space flight. The Watcher will self-destruct by immolating itself in the system's star before the L'ucli can discover it. We wish to keep the highly advanced technology inherent in The Watcher away from those whom it might harm.

As we prepare to descend to the planets surface, we have prepared a Teacher. The Teacher is a nanite construct, built to identical physical measurements of the L'ucli. They will never know it was not a living, breathing being. The Teacher will help instruct the L'ucli for approximately 150 years, and then it will depart their presence and self-destruct. It would be sociologically damaging to leave the Teacher as an object of worship and veneration. The Teacher will instruct the L'ucli in their original language and arts, as well as survival skills they may need for this new world. It will also instill a base-128 proto-morality that the L'ucli can use to create their own laws and values. We will not force our values on another race.

Once we are sure that the Watcher and the Teacher are functioning properly, we will leave the L'ucli to develop along their own path. The ocean's and skies have been seeded with their fauna and flora, and the Biosphere has shown itself to be hospitabale to their presence. We leave them in a situation very close to the home they have so recently lost.

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