Dangerous Recue

As we continue coreward, one of our Arcolate exploration ships (a pinnace) encounters a serious sublux anomaly and must put down on a sulpherous satellite of a gas giant. The gas giant as about 1/2 of a lightframe from the parent star (an A7 blue-white main sequence star). The satellite has a dense atmosphere of sulpher dioxins and nitrates and although the outside temperature is comparatively warm, the acidic composition would be almost instantly fatal to exposed skin.

The crew immediately put out a distress call, and we detoured the Fleet of the Ancients almost 120 lightframes towards this start system to assist and/or rescue our exploration team.

Some of the crew of the pinnace attempted to perform manual repairs that we hoped would enable the craft to lift off. The alternative: transport the crew directly aboard the Arcolate and abandon the pinnace to the corrosive winds of this yellow hell. Even with their armoured exposure suits, they can remain outside only for a few hours at most. So caustic is the air on this moon that the plastilium helmets become opaque withiin just a couple of hours, and the flexible suit joints are threatened with rupture that would allow the deadly environment inside their protective suits.

After several hours of work, it is determined that the pinnace will not fly again without a total replacement of the sublux interial field generator, and so we must bring the crew aboard the Arcolate and bid farewell to the pinnace and the yello/orange moon of this gas giant. We will stop next at a F1 star to replenish the materials required to replace the pinnace.

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