In The Gas Fields of The Oblate Star

On our journey towards far Disa'quay, located somewhere in the galactic core, we stop at a nearby F1 main sequence star with 11 planets, 5 of which are rocky, mineral bearing planets which can be easily mined. The second of these small planets, although uninhabitable, proves to have a vast and rich deposit of minerals we require to rebuilt our Arcolates pinnace and refurbish some of the Fleet of the Ancients.

The F1 star is very unusual. It has such a high rate of spin, that it completes one entire rotation in 243 minutes. Because it is rotating so rapidly, it has become an extremely oblate spheroid, throwing off a tremendous amount of highly charged hot gas into the planetary plane. The planet we are mining is only 7 1/2 light minutes from the stellar surface, and has a thin, but rich atmosphere of hydrogen and related hydrocarbon gasses. Needless to say, the gaseous atmosphere, being constantly replenished directly from the star, keeps the surface temperature very high. Fortunately, our exposure suits can compensate for this environment when ever we find it necessary to venture out of the Arcolates.

The high tempreatures allow for easy penetration into the planetary mantle where the heavier metals are held is a semi-viscuous state by the lighter, but stiffer rocky shelf. We have been able to retrieve enough rare elements to ensure an un-interrupted journey to Disa'quay at the galactic core.

Our poets have petitioned our astronomers to name this star "Sha,ecyuhe nil Croso+on" (in our FirstTongue, it is the meme for ExtremeDancer). The astronomers agreed, and so from here on out it will be marked on our charts as Sha,ecyuhe.

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