Discovery of an ArtiSphere

Knowing the proper and relative motion of Disa'quay, we arrive in the general vicinity of the parent star only to feel disappointment. Our visual scanners show no star within 95 lightframes. It would seem that 250,000 years and the forces of nature near the galactic core have conspired to either hide or destroy Disa'quay and it's promise of the Timeless Artifacts; the key to noetic science.

As we are preparing to resume our journey to our new home, our MetaMind computer alerts us to a huge infra-red radiation source 115 lightframes SouthCore from our position. Training our visual scanners on the point, we detect a vast jet-black sphere, apparant only by the background starlight it blocks. We approach the sphere cautiously, and to our utter amazement we realize that we have discovered the first ArtiSphere in our long racial history.

We have long postulated that it would be possible to collect virtually all the material orbiting a star and manufacture an artificial sphere totally enclosing the star and harnessing 100% of it's energy output, but the technology to accomplish such a feat is beyond us at this time, and our scientists have theorized that only noetic technology would be capable of constructing such a sphere within the viable lifespan of a race.

Have we at last found Disa'quay?

Our fleet splits into four 90' search petals, and we meet on the far side of the Artisphere. We have located 3,600 evenly spaced portals allowing access to the insde of the ArtiSphere.

Entering Disa'quay

Each portal is protected by a lateral pressor field, strong enough to keep the atmosphere in, but allowing easy passage to any object radiating a radial counter-field. The shell of the ArtiSphere seems to be a blend of a HyperFerrite skeleton infrastructure, and mesoCarbon with a Nuetronium layer protecting the outside of the ArtiSphere. Indeed, we found no signs of impact craters or exterior damage. Some automated maintenance machinery must still be in place and operating.

As we enter the ArtiSphere virtually all eyes are riveted by the awesome size of the ArtiSphere of Disa'quay. Reflecting off the surface of our four Arcolates are lakes the size of continents, and continents the size of entire planets! Here... here is enough living space for a hundred million races! Here, finally is an artifact from the First Galactic Sentiation. Here we must find answers, but our problem now is... where to start? We posit the question to our MetaMind computer.

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