We As Children...

Floating within the inner-space of the ArtiSphere of Disa'quay, we have put the problem of locating a technology center to our MetaMind computer. After extensive active scanning, the MetaMind has indicated a point NorthWest Coreward from our present location. Our fleet of four Arcolates moves toward the indicated position on the inside of the ArtiSphere, but as we approach the surface, we are suddenly stopped dead in our tracks by an overpowering tensor field. The field causes our shields to fluoresce and we are held like flitsnaps in stickstrip.

After a few minutes of anxiety we are corporately addressed via bio-empathetic channeling. It is the very Bio-sphere of Disa'quay itself which addresses us.


"Hello strangers. I am Disa'quay, biosphere of the Golu'um. If you have reached this point then you are an advanced race capable of understanding my communications and exchanging information with me."

It takes us but a few beats to corporately tie into the MetaMind computer as it synchronizes our FamilyForce and answers for us.

"We are Ti'Anti, and are seeking a new home at 450 KiLy CoreEast. We chanced upon a Nioplastillium navigation crystal made by your creators, the Golu'um. We have traveled to Disa'quay to find information about the Golu'um and their noetic science. Do you know if they still exist, or where we might find information about them?"

Suddenly we are emotionally crushed by a tremendous weight of sadness and grief. The MetaMind computer sounds a FamilyForce alarm, and the emotion just as quickly subsides. We have been assaulted by Disa'quay's Life/State.

The MetaMind computer strains to provide PsiFilters for the FamilyForce as Disa'quay continues:


"Alas, the Golu'um have altered their (Mortal/Spiritual/Spacial) relationship with the cosmos almost an entire galactic rotation in the past. They live still, but have moved to a multi-dimensional plane where I could not follow. The Golu'um were founding members of the Great Galactic Sentiation, and for eons, I served as the gathering life/source for all Sentiation members, but now, no sentient beings inhabit my surface. You are the first sentient beings to have been here in almost 3 galactic rotations."

Our MetaMind computer explains to Disa'quay the nature of our mission, and that we cannot stay to populate the ArtiSphere, but we promise to communicate it's location to the Second Galactic Sentiation, and we assure it that others will arrive shortly, and once again, it will become the center of multi-racial sentiation. We also make a note that the advanced Bio-sphere of Disa'quay is in need of immediate Sympathus Treatment. We fear that in it's current state, and left unattended it might possibly become a dark psyonic region, or even disturb its parent star.

As we leave, our MetaMind computer indicates it has unexpectedly recieved the Engrams of Disa'quay; the entire knowledge of the First Galactic Sentiation, including the secrets of noetic science as well as the mysterious and collateral Four Principles of Ontology. It will take us many lifetimes to study and comprehend this vast store of information we have just acquired.

We bid farewell to Disa'quay - the ultimate noetic engine, and prepare to continue on our journey knowing that we will forever be linked to Disa'quay and the First Galactic Sentiation.



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