A New Paradigm

We have traveled almost 400 lightframes from our home. We have achieved 25% of our voyage, and we face three more years of travel. Some of us thought we might even make a return trip someday. Though our pilgrimage was hasty in formation, we had planned a thoroughly interesting route through the home galaxy, with numerous stops along the way for exploration, and refreshment.

Today, our MetaMind informed us that we had it within our ability to make the journey instantly. From the Engrams of Disa'quay, the MetaMind has created plans for a spacial translation device that will carry all four Arcolates to any point in space. The only problem is that we suffer a directly proportional time displacement. We can reach anywhere in the universe instantly, but the universe will have aged proportionate to our distance traveled.

The MetaMind locates a small, airless planetisimal that is very rich in resources we will need for the Noetic space translator. Two Arcolate from the fleet mine the depths of the planetoid, while the other two begin construction of the new noetic drive. A Blue-white main sequence star pounds the surface of the small planet with intense heat and radiation. Fortunately we are well shielded by the quantum tensor-field shells of the Arcolates.

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