The Infinite Drop

After an intense work period, where almost 60% of the life/force of the Fleet was directed towards construction of the new Noetic space translator, we bring the four Arcolate into appropriate position. The Noetic space translator is a huge cross with a fat disc at the center, where the neotic quantum anomaly generator is located. The four spokes are field directors for the actual material translation of the entire construct.

We are all excited to establish the new colony and develop the new Noetic Science towards exploration of the cosmos and beyond. We have unanimously agreed to aim directly for Uma'P,qua, our new home world, and set up the Arcos once again, sitting in the protein-rich oceans of a gem planet floating in vast, empty voids of inter-galactic space. But now we go there, able to cross that vast bridge in an instant. We have encouragement from the MetaMind that even the time problem falls within the theoretical limits of the Theory of Quantum Ontology and by totally leaving time and space, we can be in all places at once. Suddenly a new dimension of horizons have opened to us, and we elatedly instructed the MetaMind the engage the Noetic space translator.

The ever-present voice of the MetaMind speaks to every member of the family: "Engaging Noetic space translator"

We collectively hold our breath as we wait for a new world to appear instantly in front of the fleet. We face not just a destination 335 KiLy away, but the very edge of the universe, the beginnings and end of time, and the potential for an infinite number of new worlds. We ponder the wonders we have witnessed in just the last few months, weighed against the future. We are about to engage infinity, and forever alter the way in which we relate to the universe. Once we step off the precipice, there is no turning back.

Someone mutters "Watch that first step...". We all chuckle nervously.

The MetaMind computer speaks to us again: " Noetic space translator engaged".

We all look out, unconsciously expecting to witness SOME interval or phenomena that indicates a process has taken place, but there is none to be seen.

We eagerly look to see our new world hanging just off the Fleet...

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Worlds Beyond Time



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