The MetaMind computer speaks to us again: " Noetic space translator engaged".

We all look out, unconsciously expecting to witness SOME interval or phenomena that indicates a process has taken place, but there is none to be seen.

We eagerly look to see our new world hanging just off the Fleet...

Worlds beyond time!

The surprise of seeing a molten, nascent proto-planet where Uma'P,qua should be, is dwarfed by the shock of the physical cosmos around us. We are surrounded by a homogeneous sea of giant incandescent streamers of hot hydrogen gas, on an intergalactic scale! The stars are all main sequence, first generation blue super-giants. The Metamind computer feeds us the first data collected. The ambient background radiation measures about 128 Deci'niks above absolute zero. The ontological extrapolation from this is that we have not moved in space, but in time. We have gone backwards in time approximately 12.75 billion years. The universe is only 4.1 billion years old! The super galactic clusters are right now, nothing more than tremendous clouds of luminous hot gas, swirling around an amorphous center of gravity. Stars that will father our own, now dead star, are just being born. Our fleet swims through the stuff of the future as we circle this infant planet.

We query the MetaMind; and are told that a return IS possible, but the spatial frame is subject to a small amount of uncertainty. We are assured that the formulation compiled by the MetaMind, and used to operate the noetic spatial translation device was posited under the wrong paradigm. The new paradigm was not conceivable before this event occurred, and the problem is self-correcting. The MetaMind tells us that we may shift to Uma'P,qua at any time.

Our scientist are extremely busy collecting and assimilating data from the cosmos - to better understand the universe we choose to live in. Indeed, it would seem that both the physical and chronological barriers of the universe have dropped from before us, and we may explore the cosmos until the very end of time itself. But in mastering time and space, we have become the servant of the CreativeForce. What shall we do with this great power? Where shall we take it? How shall we best utilize it? The quandary stalls even the MetaMind for a few beats. No one is surprised when the MetaMind computer breaks into our collective revery:

"Noetic space translator engaged. We are bound for Uma'P,qua."

The MetaMind has sensed the subconscious direction from the FamilyForce. The logical first step is to take the Fleet of the Ancients to our original destination, Uma'P,qua.

Lo, fair Uma'P,qua-

Next Week:

Spaces beyond imagination...


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