C. (Sec. 406) Planned Development Areas

In addition to the major land uses defined above, certain areas are shown on the Map as Planned Development Areas. No real property shall be developed, rehabilitated, or otherwise changed in the Planned Development Areas without first securing a Conditional Use Permit from the Planning Commission.

The following development standards shall apply in these areas:

  1. (Sec. 407) East Huntington Drive
    Properties in this area may be developed for either industrial or commercial uses provided that:

    1. Commercial uses shall be concentrated or clustered to allow for one-stop shopping. Strip commercial uses shall be prohibited.

    2. The minimum lot frontage on Huntington Drive for any development shall not be less than two hundred feet (200').

    3. Properties shall extend the full depth from Huntington Drive to Maple Avenue for those properties developing on the north side of Huntington Drive and from Huntington Drive to Cypress Avenue for those properties developing on the south side of Huntington Drive.

  2. (Sec. 408) West Huntington Drive

    It is the objective of the Agency to attract major commercial development to this area such as regional or subregional shopping centers, hotels or restaurants. The following development standards shall apply:

    1. The minimum lot frontage for any such development shall not be less than one hundred and twenty five feet (I25').

    2. The minimum lot area for any such development shall not be less than thirty thousand square feet (30,000 sq. ft.).

  3. (Sec. 409) Other Land Uses

  4. (Sec. 410) Public and Open Space

    Public and Open Space uses permitted within the Project Area shall include: Parks and Schools and Public and Quasi-Public. The areas shown on the Amended Redevelopment Plan Map for the foregoing uses may be used for any of the various kinds of uses specified for or permitted within such areas by the General Plan and City ordinances, resolutions and other laws.

  5. (Sec. 411) Public Rights-of-Way

    Additional public streets, alleys and easements may be created in the Project Area as needed for proper use and/or development. Existing streets and alleys may be abandoned, closed or modified as necessary for proper use and/or development. It is anticipated that Project development may entail vacation and/or realignment of certain streets, alleys, and other rights of-way. Any changes in the existing street layout shall be in accord with the General Plan, the objectives of this Amended Plan, and any Agency or City design standards that may be in effect, and shall be effectuated in the manner prescribed by state and local law, and shall be guided by the following criteria:

    1. A balancing of the needs of proposed and potential new development for adequate pedestrian and vehicular access, vehicular parking, and delivery loading docks with similar needs of existing developments proposed or potentially proposed to remain. Such balancing shall take into consideration the rights of existing owners and business occupants under the participation and preferences rules adopted by the Agency for the Project, and any participation agreements executed thereunder;

    2. The requirements imposed by such factors as topography, traffic safety and aesthetics;

    3. The potential need to serve not only the Project Area and new or existing developments, but to also serve areas outside the Project by providing convenient, efficient vehicular access and movement; and

    4. The potential need or desire to accommodate the facilities and/or equipment of mass transportation modes.

    The public rights-of-way may be used for vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic, as well as for public improvements, public and private utilities, and activities typically found in public rights-of-way. In addition, all necessary easements for public uses, public facilities, and public utilities may be retained, amended or created.

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